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What does life mean?

The last year I am developing my self in the field of Tarot. I have a lot of books with information about Tarot and when I was reading ‘Handbook Tarot’ by Hajo Banzhaf, I came across a piece of text I wanted to share with you.

It was written in Dutch but I am going to try my best to translate it into the English language.

What does life mean?

Life is an opportunity – Use it
Life is a beauty – Admire it
Life is a bliss – Taste it
Life is a dream – Accomplish it
Life is a challenge – Take it
Life is duty – Fulfill it
Life is a journey – Complete it
Life is a game – Play it
Life is precious – Appreciate it
Life is wealth – Keep it up
Life is love – Enjoy it
Life is a secret – Unlock it
Life is a promise – Fill it
Life is suffering – Overcome it
Life is a song – Sing it
Life is a battle – Take it
Life is a tragedy – Be careful
Life is an adventure – Dare it
Life is live – Hold on
Life is luck – Accomplish it

Do not waste it, it’s valuable.

This was written on a piece of paper and it was hanging on a wall of a children’s home in the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ in Calcutta.

When I read it, it really did something with me and I knew I had to share it 馃檪 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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