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A letter to myself

FlowerIn August 2017 I went to a silent retrait for 4 days. It was in the middle of no where only nature and for 4 days it was completely quiet. We did a lot of things to get closer to your self like meditate, yoga and different exercises. One of assignments was to write a letter to your self.

This week I received the letter and it gave me a happy feeling. That is the reason I want to share the letter with you.

I hope you also get a happy feeling from it.

Dear me..

When you get this letter you will probably be busy, busy, busy…
Why don’t you just stop doing that? If your not busy..YEAH good work!

Try to enjoy more of the little things in life.
If you always hurry you will miss out on a lot.

And you don’t want to hurry to the end of your you?
It is much better to go on a steady but chill pace instead of hurry hurry hurry!

Also I really want you to start to LET GO! I know you want to plan everything in advance but that is just not possible all the time. Let it go. You don’t know how you feel tomorrow. Maybe then you think differently about it.

The last thing I want to tell you is that you have to start living life like you really want to. You always say ‘Ahh you choose I don’t care’ or ‘Everything is fine by me’. That is to easy. Think about what you really want and make that choice!

Socrates said something like: Giving love produces more happiness then getting love –> remember to look it up when you are at home.

Finally…Go enjoy your self!!

-xxx- Me

Enjoy yourself!

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